Who Are We?

DF Media Productions is a video production company based out of Brampton, Ontario. Our team consists of knowledgeable industry professionals with over 30 years of experience. We are known for creating innovative and moving storylines that vividly showcase our client’s business and or products. 

DF Media has had the opportunity to create a myriad of corporate, event and product films, each of which with its own compelling story. We are also filmmakers with a vibrant history, enriched by our unique cultural backgrounds. Along with stellar customer service we offer reliability, flexibility and the promise of fulfilling our client’s vision through every step of the video production process.


Along with stellar customer service we offer reliability, flexibility and the promise of fulfilling our client’s vision through every step of the video production process.

We help get your message to the right people
We create brand image and recall value
Missionary and Ministry

Livestreaming and Interactive in person events

Elevate Your Brand Message

Deliver Your Message Directly to Your Target Audience

Compelling Videos for Every Business

Position Your Message with Precision

Based in Brampton, Ontario with experience filming throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we are a seasoned video production company with over three decades of expertise. We craft captivating narratives by capturing the best moments in corporate environments, during events, and by presenting products in a manner that propels your business to new heights.

Strategic Plan Report Videos

DF Media Productions uses a 4 step system to provide you with shareable video content for your business and its stakeholders.  Your vision will become a final product you imagined with us overseeing the objectives and providing innovative storylines throughout the visualization process. 

Along with our stellar customer service we off reliability, flexibility and the promise of fulfilling our client’s vision. 

Tailored Brand Messaging

Our team of experts handles every aspect, ensuring a seamless process.

Brand messaging communicates your identity, purpose, and mission to potential customers. An engaging 2-3 minute video can make or break your business—let us elevate your brand’s trajectory.


Create content that connects within your community at your convenience.


We bring our top-tier equipment on-site to deliver an unparalleled video experience.


Rely on our expertise and professional-grade equipment for the ultimate video production.

Examples of our successful campaigns

Strategic Plan Report 2022

Tomorrow's Trades Jenna's Story

Community Benefits Agreement Ambassadors

Lawrence Heights Community Benefits Priorities Launch

Social Impact Catalyst - Sheridan Edge

Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch is a transformative program for young changemakers.

YWCA iOS & Mobile App Program for Women


Soniel Gordon is a 30-year-old young entrepreneur who decided he wanted to make a difference in his community by providing access to locally grown organic foods. Check out his story.


BEARING - Add Video

Caffery Van Horne


Henry Business Law

Creative Connect


Canadian fashion designer Caffery Van Horne, A year in review.

CVH the Designer


Henry Business Law

Creative Connect

Toronto Environmental Alliance

Tomorrow's Trade - COURTNEY'S STORY

Transform Your Business with Brand Messaging

Shareable Content

 Engage stakeholders by keeping them up to date and breathe life into your business with easily shareable videos.

Revenue Growth

Videos have significant influence over consumer purchasing decisions, resulting in higher engagement than photos or text.

Clear Value Proposition Showcase

  • Leave a lasting impression by communicating your business’s value proposition to your audience clearly and concisely.

Defining Your Brand’s Voice

Guide your message with a clear, consistent tone, instilling confidence in stakeholders to invest in your business.

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself as an industry authority through insightful and influential content.

Robust Social and Digital Media Presence

Amplify your reach and impact with a strong online footprint across various platforms.

Marketing and Sales Ready

Equip your business with compelling content that drives conversions and revenue.


Partnering with DF Media is a breeze!


Our process starts with crafting a comprehensive creative brief, condensing your ideas into a project outline encompassing background, objectives, target audience, and video length.


Once given the green light, we create scripts, storyboards, set designs, shot lists, and lighting plans tailored to your project.


We embark on onsite shooting/filming at various locations to capture the essential footage.


Once filming is complete, our in-house team handles the video editing, sound engineering, and color correction to finalize the video.


The final phase varies based on client needs and typically involves delivering the finished product for online marketing or national distribution.


What Our Clients Say About Us

David Gilbert VODavid Gilbert VO
19:35 07 Feb 22
It was a pleasure working with Derrick at DF Media Productions on a recent project for one of his clients. I found him to be very professional and friendly, and was very impressed by the quality of the final video! Definitely recommend using his company's services for your next corporate video!
15:30 26 Oct 21
Filmed my music video and dealt with me properly the entire time...gave me the same rates as my buddy but with way better Quality. D you're the man!
Arvin/Vince ParrenoArvin/Vince Parreno
00:34 11 Nov 20
Great high quality work and amazing results from this company! Derrick takes his time and will work with you to meet your needs. Also uses some next level video equipment and gear, was really impressed. Trust me when i say, your expectations will be exceeded. I highly recommend them based on their professionalism alone.
We recommend DF Media Productions, they took our product pictures and we love them. The vision we thought we wanted was nothing compared to what they delivered. Will only use them for all our media needs going forward.
Lexi & Rebel LyfeLexi & Rebel Lyfe
04:02 29 Aug 20
DF Media Productions is amazing with their visuals, customer service, presentation, and very responsive to all inquiries. Derrick is such a great photographer and videographer, I got my family photos done with DF Media and we all love it.