Corporate Video Production-What is It?

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate Video Production being filmed

Corporate video production is the creation of videos for corporate companies and organizations. These are usually non-advertisement based videos created for corporate companies or organizations. Corporate videos have many uses and come in different forms, examples of corporate videos include:

  • Corporate/Company Overview Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Event or Trade Show Coverage
  • Promotional Videos

The size and production value can vary for corporate videos as it depends on their needs and budget. Videos for corporate companies nowadays are usually posted online, such as being published on the company’s website, through social media or email marketing.

Is Video Important for Corporate Companies?

Corporate Leader thinking about video production

Corporate companies have different needs and goals when it comes to their overall strategy, but creating video content is great for both internal and external uses. Video for internal use can be directed towards employees and stakeholders. Video for external use can be directed towards your target market.

The use of video is becoming more important for corporate companies as it has become one of the main sources of content that people are viewing. Writing blogs is effective and very common, but using video will increase the value of content that you put out. This is because video is the most engaging type of content as they are great storytellers

There are many reasons to start using video. For instance, video can be important for your corporate company because it increases sales and boosts conversions. A staggering 80% of users can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. This fact alone shows that video is effective in getting your product or service in the eyes and ears of consumers.

Overall, a video has become one of the most effective ways in promoting your product, service or brand.

How do I start Incorporating Video Production?

Video Production Company DF Media Productions setting up for a corporate video shoot

In this day of age, the cameras on our phones are more than capable of creating a quick and useable video for your company. But if you want to be a step above of your competitors, a better route is to go through a video production company for your corporate needs.  The benefits of using a video production company include working with industry professionals who know what they’re doing, a higher quality finished product and a comfortable on-set experience. By searching online, you can find a video production company that specializes in corporate videos. However, you can also find a video production company by asking other corporate companies who did a video for them in the past.

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