Improving Client Experience with Video

Improving client experience with video production is a combination that seemingly goes hand in hand. With the rise in the use of video, it is a must for companies to use it in order to remain competitive and relevant. Below we’ll get into improving your company’s client experience with video production. But first, let’s explain what they are.

What Is Client Experience?

Client experience basically comes down to the viewpoint and opinion a client has of your brand. It is the experiences and interactions they have within your company.  Everything a company does contributes to how customers perceive it.

The types of client experience can include:

  • Buying experience
  • Viewing an ad or the messaging from a company
  • Encounter with a product/service
  • Customer service after the sale

All in all, client experience is one of the most important things that a company should pay attention to. There are many ways that a company can improve its client experience. One of those ways is through video production.

What is Video Production?

Post Production step in the video production process to help with improving client experience

To put it short, video production is the process of producing video content. There are usually three stages of video production.

  • Pre-Production

This is where the video will be planned and budgeted for. This can include anything from writing a script, choosing a location and the type of set-up for the shoot.

  • Production

This stage is where the filming happens. Everything that was planned in pre-production comes to life in the production stage.

  • Post-Production

Post-production is the last part of the process where the video gets edited and pieces are added on such as visual effects, music, etc.

How Can You Improve Client Experience with Video?

Video has many uses with many ways to utilize it for your company, this includes improving client experience. There are many types of videos that your company can start creating. These will help aid and improve your client experience

  • Using Explainer Videos

You can use a video to do a company explainer-video to quickly tell your brands’ story in a memorable way or how your product/service works. This helps the viewer understand the businesses’ offerings. These are more effective than text-based ‘About Us’ or ‘How It Works’ pages.

  • Including Video in your Marketing

A video doesn’t always have to go viral in order to be effective marketing. Video marketing is also used by businesses to provide business updates, product reviews and customer testimonials. This helps by connecting your brand with customers in a visual and engaging way, thus improving client experience.

In Conclusion…

There are many ways to improve client experience with video production. Start having video within your company by getting in touch with DF Media Productions.

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