Non-Profit Video Production Brampton Budget for Video Production?

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Video in 2019 has played a very important role for organizations across Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area. This includes for-profit companies and now more than ever in non-profit organizations. You may think that video production is a costly investment for non-profit organizations, however with video production services being more affordable than ever, it should be a widely considered when planning your budget. Video is a great tool to elevate community outreach and in turn, increase your fundraising and/or sponsorship opportunities.

Gains Awareness for Non-Profits

Video is a great way to gain awareness from your target audience. Video is a way to speak to your audience visually, and to showcase what your organization is all about. You can also use video to promote any upcoming events, campaigns and any initiatives your organization is a part of. Video is also an effective way to connect to your audience in an emotional way, perfect for non-profit organizations

Increases Engagement

Engagement has become a key factor in measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies, especially in this era of social media. Videos communicate a message that help encourage the audience to interact. This can be done by including a call-to-action in the video such as asking to volunteer, to donate or to attend an upcoming event. Videos can also be broken up into shorter clips that can be used for social media channels

Connect with Your Community

Video is also a very effective way to connect with your community by showcasing your involvement and initiatives.  Video gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to visually showcase their outreach such as an event highlight where members of the community are seen in the video.

The value that video production brings is clear and it is something all non-profits should consider when creating their budget for the year. Take the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) for example. This non-profit organization recently started incorporating video into their overall strategy and are currently seeing immediate results. They have over 2,700 views on their videos which include a mixture of event highlights, program awareness videos and campaign videos. It’s time for your organization to take that step and start including video to boost your organization.

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