Founded in 2016, DF Media Productions is led by our President and company namesake, Derrick Fagan. As a freelance cinematographer, Derrick worked with numerous well-known clients and established himself early on as a talented documentarian and brand storyteller. This history and experience form the foundation of what DF Media is today. 

Since then, our client list has grown to include several high-profile clients including government organizations and places of worship. We have diversified our role as a film production company to include talking heads, major events, multi-broadcasting tabletop videography and brand messaging.

As a collective, DF Media’s mission is to “tell the stories of voiceless souls”. In the last seven years, our knowledge and experience of modern filmmaking equipment and techniques continues to grow. Currently, we are rapidly expanding to support our growing number of clientele; and as we do, we remain true to our history as an innovative production house with a penchant for quality storytelling.



To connect the masses with the right platform to showcase their vision or business. Finding the right people to tell your story is paramount.


To create value by telling the right story to the right people in the best way possible. Anything short of excellent is just not good enough.


To ideate, create, perform and impart knowledge. To constantly grow into a collective media brain pool and be up to date with film and technology.




Derrick is the driving force behind DF Media Productions. He graduated from the prestigious Toronto Film School and is an affiliate of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC). Derrick obtained his unique storytelling ability growing up in a Jamaican family, where stories were passed down from one generation to the next. 

Derrick used these valuable lessons to tell the stories about those around him using film. These skills have proved invaluable in his work with many prominent Canadian brands like Google, Netflix, and many more. As the creative director of DF Media Productions, Derrick has built and curated the company from the ground up. His visual perception and insight have propelled DF Media’s team to create and deliver quality products while fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

As a cinematographer, Derrick possesses a unique style and sincerity that appeals to clients. His vision is vibrant as he focuses on perfecting the frame of every shot. Derrick’s love of storytelling is evident through his dialogue and film.



Maddy joined DF Media Productions as a Film Producer. He graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Cinematography and brought years of knowledge and experience working as a Cinematographer and Lighting Specialist in commercial television. Maddy’s passion for filmmaking originated in India, where he owned and operated a video production company for several years. 

He specializes in tabletop videography and creative film lighting setups. His inspiration is derived from Bollywood and India’s commercial television industry, giving his videos a unique perspective and insight into digital cinema. He has worked on several notable projects for major brands like Apple Bees, Miller, Budweiser and more.