Taking advantage of a viral video trend as a promotional tool is good for business.

DMX Challenge Viral Video and Social Media Post for Instagram with names of different women from the lyrics of DMX's song
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The coolest trend on Instagram recently is the DMX Challenge, a series of quick video cuts to different names in the DMX’s 2000 rap song.

Celebrities, like Jada Pinkett-Smith, have jumped onto the trend showcasing their artform in acting characters, hairstyles, and makeup. This challenge archives different looks by playing a series of different pictures in a video format for social media. 

Positive effects from seizing the moment will increase your brand awareness and user engagement. Brainstorming a clever idea and taking advantage of a viral trend humanizes your brand, you’re not just there to promote and sell products or services, you want to get in on the fun too!


Thought Process:
Tested the #DMXChallenge by imaging names in the lyrics onto a 1080 x 1080 pixel Adobe Illustrator artboard with of a grey gradient background with our logo in the bottom right corner.

Our Purpose:
To attract our ideal client who is a Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Specialist, or Marketing Coordinator – and whose name might be in the text.

Bring nostalgia to our target audience, be authentic in participating with trends.

Hire a video production company and to produce and animate a high quality social media video with a quick turn-around to flood attention to your brand and gain mainstream exposure.

It’s a risky, yet an effective way to increase connectivity and creativity quickly, at a lower cost then a full-out social media marketing campaign. 

We posted our social media image as a trial to test the theory and it was featured in the Instagram Hashtag Story in less than 24 hours!


It works! That’s why we are sharing this with you, so this opportunity to work for your business too!

Drive your brand into the spotlight, take advance of video viral marketing trends for your business.


— Derrick Fagan, Cinematographer, DF Media Productions

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